There is a light in this world. A healing spirit much stronger than any darkness we may encounter.
We sometimes lose sight of this force… Where there is suffering, too much pain. And suddenly the spirit will emerge through lives of ordinary people, and answer in extraordinary ways…
God Speaks in the silence of the heart and we listen.

-Mother Teresa

Camille Licate

Actor, Author and Advocate for positive change : The author of the book, Small Shoes and Founder of Kids for Positive Change, Camille Licate applies her knowledge, insights and personal experiences to encourage kids, via motivational speaking and enrichment programs, to take action on local, national and global issues impacting our world. She wrote the animated children’s screenplay, IZZY’s WAY HOME, that teaches kids that it doesn’t matter how you look, but what you do that counts. Camille is also a professional actor performing on stage and screen.

Valorie Renée Knutson

Valorie Renée Knutson, MA, is a certified Master Level Reiki Teacher and Practitioner trained in Usui (Western) Reiki Ryoho, Gendai (Japanese) Reiki Ryoho, and Sekhem-Seichim-Reiki (also referred to as SSR) methods of Reiki energy healing, a certified Hypnotherapist, Crystal Practitioner and Teacher, and a Self-Actualization facilitator with a healing practice in Los Angeles, California. Currently Valorie is working on several meditation and writing projects on the importance of Love in our everyday lives, as well as creating inspired Ki*lines™ sterling silver and crystal and gemstone pendants and jewelry for art and beauty, featured at Designs by Valorie.

Rebecca Allan:

Known for her richly layered and chromatically nuanced abstract paintings, Rebecca Allan has for many years concentrated on rivers, tributaries, and watershed environments as primary sources of investigation. Her work explores the ecology, meteorology, and geology of the Northeast, Pacific Northwest, and the Gulf Coast. Working from a studio that overlooks the Harlem and Hudson Rivers in New York City, Allan is inspired by a deep appreciation for the beauty of the natural environment overlaid with an awareness of its fragility and endangerment.

Laura Kaminsky:

Laura Kaminsky is a composer with “an ear for the new and interesting” whose works are “colorful and harmonically sharp-edged” (The New York Times). Social and political themes are common in her work, as is an abiding respect for and connection to the natural world. Kaminsky’s “music is full of fire as well as ice, written in an idiom that contrasts dissonance and violence with tonal beauty and meditative reflection. It is strong stuff.” (American Record Guide) Her opera, As One (co-librettists Mark Campbell and Kimberly Reed), recently presented at BAM, received unanimously positive reviews, including: “[As One] is a piece that haunts and challenges its audience with questions about identity, authenticity, compassion, and the human desire for self-love and peace” (Opera News) and “…musically, (this seasoned, socially-aware composer’s) dramatically charged music has a tonal ambiguity that allows each scene to go where it needs to, and in a clear dramatic trajectory.”(Operavore)

Judith Lukomski

…is a leader in the human consciousness transformation movement, Judith is committed to helping humankind embrace the positive possibilities of change.  She is a gifted intuitive, teacher and crystal expert; co-author of Hay House publication Crystal Therapy. Judith is the creator of the Crystal Energist Practitioner ® and empowering GEMS™ Success Strategies Programs.  Judith is the founder of Transitions Today ® Inc., a business consulting firm dedicated to facilitating positive change and optimizing results for both individuals and groups. She is an engaging speaker and teacher delivering profound insights for contemporary audiences.

Toni Carlisle

The first Carlisle store was opened on Main Street Ashtabula in 1857 as Tyler and Carlisle. Lorenzo Tyler was the Father in Law of Henry Theodore Carlisle who in turn was the great-great grandfather of Lorenzo (Ren) Tyler Carlisle III, the present co-owner of Carlisle’s Home in the Harbor on Bridge Street.Throughout its long history, Carlisle’s fundamental philosophy was to offer quality merchandise at fair prices with friendly service and “the customer is always right” policy in all matters. The same philosophy is carried forward today at Carlisle’s Home in the Harbor.

Joan Chittister

Joan Chittister is one of the most influential religious and social leaders of our time. For 40 years she has passionately advocated on behalf of peace, human rights, women’s issues, and church renewal. A much sought-after speaker, counselor and clear voice that bridges across all religions, she is also a best-selling author of more than 50 books, hundreds of articles, an online column for the National Catholic Reporter, and a blog for the the Huffington Post. In 2015 she was the featured guest of Oprah Winfrey on “Super Soul Sunday.” She is one of the most popular and requested speakers at the iconic Chautauqua Institution in southwestern New York State.

Evie Kane

Evie Kane is a compassionate and gifted spiritual intuitive, whose vast life experiences enable her to connect with each person on a multi-dimensional level. Her light-hearted nature, wisdom, and deep respect for each individual make her a masterful coach, therapist and teacher. Evie is a licensed psychotherapist, licensed ordained minister and shamanic practitioner. She has worked in both the public and private sectors in the field of mental health and addiction recovery. Prior to this, Evie held executive level marketing and training positions in corporate America, and has worked as a leadership and visionary training consultant for Fortune 500 companies and executive entrepreneurs.

Servet Hasan

Servet Hasan is the award-winning author of Life in Transition, An Intuitive Path to New Beginnings, as well as The Intuitive Heart of Romance, Finding Your Own Path to Lasting Love, and Tune Him In, Turn Him On (all published by Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd).  A student of the mystic masters of the Far East, Hasan is also a renowned motivational speaker who inspires others to attain their full potential through her television and radio appearances, live seminars, and workshops.  Born into a psychically gifted family in Pakistan, she is also a citizen of England, Canada and the United States.  She considers herself a spiritual ambassador of the world.