Women’s Gatherings

women_gathering_72A Circle of Women May Be the Most Powerful Force Known to Humanity. If You Have One, EMBRACE IT. If You Need One, SEEK IT. If You Find One, For The Love Of All That Is Good And Holy, DIVE IN. HOLD ON. LOVE IT UP. Get Naked. Let Them See You. Let Them Hold YOU. LET YOUR RELUCTANT TEARS FALL. Let Yourself RISE FIERCE and LOVE GENTLE. YOU WILL BE CHANGED. The Very Fabric of Your Being Will BE ALTERED BY THIS, IF YOU ALLOW IT. PLEASE, PLEASE ALLOW IT.

- Jeanette Leblanc 2012

Listening ~ Learning~ Laughing

Take time to enjoy yourself in a “stress free” environment, free of agendas. Join in open  conversation, with like minded women, and notice how it flows with grace and ease. Feel  empowered sitting in a circle of positive female energy. Make a difference in the life of  another by a simple comment, understanding nod, or warm hug. Share valuable insights with family and friends.

 Women’s Gatherings by personal invitation.