The Gift of Reiki

Simple, Beautiful, Powerful

Reiki is a healing system, channeling Life Force Energy.

In simple terms, through Reiki, your body “opens” to receive Life Force Energy wherever it is needed.  You do not have to do anything or have a certain belief system, all that is required is a willingness to be open to receiving Reiki.


Reiki Treatment

Resting in comfortable attire, on the Reiki Table, is the first step of your treatment.  As the Reiki Practitioner begins, using a series of hand positions, you may feel warmth. The Reiki starts to flow through your body with grace and ease. Your mind becomes quiet, free of “to do lists,” past stresses and a fast paced world. You enter into a space of deep calm and connect with your inner voice, allowing you to absorb healing
Reiki Energy.

During your treatment, you may feel hot or cold, see vibrant colors or release emotions through tears or laughter.  Past “hurts” may pop up reminding you to “ let go,” forgive and heal. Falling  into a deep, restful sleep is also common, giving you an opportunity to listen to your body and learn from your reactions.

3700_72At the conclusion of your treatment you will be gently guided off the table to a cozy chair where you will have time to process your treatment and have a short “intuitive reading” with the Reiki Practitioner.

Exiting the Reiki Space, you will be handed a cool bottle of water, reminding you to stay hydrated, and a new journal to record personal thoughts and feelings you experienced during your
Reiki Treatment.

90 minutes: $125.00

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