“Will The Real Me Please Stand Up”

WORKSHOP DATE: March 26, 2016, from 12p-5p

Facilitated by: Shelly Mullen of I’M THE POSSIBILITY, “Living Your Destiny”

About this Workshop:

shellyJoin Shelly Mullen and Rediscover who you REALLY are in this workshop, “Will The Real Me Please Stand Up”, held March 26th 2016 at The Joyful Life.

Understand how your patterns and “shadows” are desperately trying to move you toward being your best Self and “Living your Destiny.” Learn what promises your soul has made, and how your relationships and life circumstances are urging you to fulfill these promises.

*Required info at sign-up: Your Birthdate (including year) & time of birth (if available). Why do we ask for your birthdate? Your soul has an architecture, displayed in the form of a chart. The birth date, time and location where you are born reveals the specific influences and pathways that will be utilized for your soul’s growth. When you align with these influences, you are on your path. You are “Living Your Destiny”!

For questions, please contact Shelly Mullen at shelly@imthepossibility.com


Space is available for 8 people.  If you are not available to make this date’s workshop, please email Shelly with your interest in future workshop dates.  We look forward to making this a recurring event, based on the interest we receive.

Cost: $65.00

Reiki Share November 2015

At a Reiki Share many healing hands work on one person at a time.  Group energies are often strong and can be more powerful than individual sessions.  The primary purpose of having a “share” is  for Practitioners to participate in giving and receiving Reiki in an atmosphere of  friendship and love. Participating in a Reiki Share is also a beneficial way of honoring one another as Healers.

Image2687Marjorie Hurst and Hilda Jarvis “Share” Reiki  with Renae Lillie


Beautiful Reiki Practitioners Left to right: Star Bruno, Dolly Haden, Sandy DeMell

Breathe In, Breathe Out, Move On: Women’s Gathering 2015


On July 30th 2015, The Joyful Life celebrated it’s Summer Women’s Gathering! Donations were collected for the Ashtabula Beatitude House.

Beatitude House Mission Statement: http://www.beatitudehouse.com/
Beatitude House, sponsored by the Ursuline Sisters of Youngstown, is committed to all disadvantaged women and children. By creating homes, providing educational opportunities and fostering healthy families, we provide them with the opportunity to transform their lives.

Donations collected for the women and children of Beatitude House

Beatitude House Housing Director, Sarah Masek and Sister Patricia, Senior Development Officer, attended The Gathering and shared the Mission and Hope of Beatitude House with the group of 34 strong and powerful women, gathered together to share their stories of  friendship and connectedness.


This is the second Summer Women’s Gathering Celebration held by The Joyful Life. Looking forward to “growing” our group of women so we can continue to inspire ourselves and each other in the community!  Please join us for our next gathering of powerful Women! Contact Emily: 440-964-5717 or Emily@TheJoyfulLife.net

One Week of Joy


Living a busy life as multimedia artists building a company from the ground up encompassing web design, graphics, photography, video, art & music, it seems we have little time for ourselves some days.  I’m sure many people feel the same about their own hectic schedules.  This week turns into next week in the blink of an eye and then before you know it the seasons change and new opportunities arise.  Finishing up one project and starting another feels much like the change of seasons. The ebb and flow of creativity, working with your spouse and being newlyweds and trying to keep it all together is a challenge.  So, when Emily at The Joyful Life offered us the chance to work on her website and capture aspects of the Joyful Life through photography while staying a week , naturally we jumped at the chance. (more…)