4400_72My name is Emily Orlando Licate. I am a retired school teacher and the founder and owner of
The Joyful Life, From Existing To Living,
located on the shores of Lake Erie, in the quaint town of Ashtabula, Ohio.

I have been a certified Reiki Practitioner since 2003 and a certified Reiki Teacher since 2006.

My dream for the future is welcoming all souls to learn and practice “The Gift of Reiki,” and to encourage others to put Reiki on their list of dreams.

Let Your Journey Begin!

Sending you Reiki Blessings,





Reiki Sensei’s

First Degree: Kathy O’Connell, Master Reiki Teacher
Wellness and Total Learning Center,  Ashtabula, Ohio

Second Degree: Sister Ann Winters, Master Reiki Teacher
Ursuline Sophia Center, Pepper Pike, Ohio

Third Degree: Master Level: Valorie Knutson, Master Reiki Teacher
Topaz Visions, Hermosa Beach, California

In 2003, while visiting my daughter, Camille, in Los Angeles, California, I had a serendipitous meeting with a form of therapy called Reiki. I was thunderstruck as I watched Reiki Practitioners quietly become channels for transferring healing, life force energy. In an instant I knew becoming a Reiki Practitioner would be added to my list of dreams.

The minute I returned to Ohio, I was on a quest to find a First Degree Reiki teacher. Within a month, I found Kathy O’Connell, a Master Reiki Teacher, at The Wellness and Total Learning Center in Ashtabula, Ohio. Kathy was an inspiration, her words,”Learning Reiki is a Commitment to Mankind,” was a sign I needed to continue studying Reiki.

I traveled to Ursuline Sophia Center, in Pepper Pike, Ohio, to study Second Degree Reiki, with highly respected Master Reiki Teacher, Sister Ann Winters. During this moving experience I decided I needed to teach Reiki so others could experience this extraordinary gift.

In 2006, I returned to Los Angeles to study Third Degree/Master Level Reiki, with Master Reiki Teacher, Valorie Knutson, owner of Topaz Visions. Under Valorie’s tutelage I earned my Certificate, Master Reiki Teacher.

Currently I give Reiki Treatments and Teach Reiki Classes at my home-based business, The Joyful Life, From Existing to Living.

I have long dreamed of welcoming all souls to learn and practice The Gift of Reiki, and to encourage everyone to put Reiki on their list of dreams.